July 10, 2018

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Is Climate change to blame for the recent Heatwave in Europe?

August 10, 2018

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EU votes on banning single use Plastic

March 28, 2019

Can the EU go further and ban all plastic?? What can you do to make a contribution, and reduce your use of plastic. Most of us don't realise how much plastic we use on a daily weekly basis. 


 As public anger grows about the environmental impact of single use plastic, trying to live plastic-free and more sustainably has become a mainstream movement. It is easy to replace plastic shopping bags with a recycable materials or a lifetime bag. But how easy would it be to replace everything else that comes wrapped in plastic.

Only last week, I was looking around our house and I pointed out to my wife that all of the toys and most of our children's accessories are made of plastic. Do we take all this stuff away and bin it? How would the kids react......I think at first they would be upset, but then kids get used to something new pretty easily, kids are adaptable. 

Besides, I think kids have too much stuff!! From my experience it doesn't make them any happier, the more stuff they have.....so if we did dump all of their plastic toys, I think in time they would be better off and probably find something else to do.