UK ditches fossil fuels in favour of Renewable energy

IT IS NOW OFFICIAL.....the UK now generates more electricity from Renewable energy sources than from Fossil fuels.

There is still a long way to go, and other nations are certainly ahead of the UK in the renewable energy sector. In 2017, Costa Rica's electricity supply cam entirely from Renewable energies for 300 days and the country is aiming to be free from fossil fuels by 2021 which is 4 years before the UK decommissions its last coal powered station.

Wind and Solar energy

A trend is being set, and it looks like its taking hold, last month Scottish power sold its last gas-powered electricity station, which now means Scottish powers electricity will be generated entirely by renewable energy.

The current split between fossil fuels and renewable energy generation in the UK is pretty much 50/50. However, renewable energy has just pulled ahead delivering 41.9 gigawatts compared to 41.2 GW produced by fossil fuels, these statistics have been compiled by imperial college London.

The UK has a target of slashing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% compared with 1990 levels by 2050. Coal which was once king in Britain, will be phased out by 2025 under government plans.

On the other hand other countries are putting concrete plan in place to move away from fossil fuels entirely. Spain has launched an ambitious plan to switch its electricity system entirely to renewable sources by 2050 and completely decarbonise its economy.

To do this, the country's social democratic government is committing to installing 3,000 MW of wind and solar power each year for the next 10 years ahead.

Under the legislation new licences for fossil fuel drills, hydrocarbon exploitation and fracking wells, will be banned.

The UK is making movements towards a renewable energy future but it needs to do more and faster if it is to meet its climate change commitments.

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