Is Climate change to blame for the recent Heatwave in Europe?

It is now more than twice as likely that climate change is responsible for the recent heatwave in Europe, according to scientists.

The results are preliminary but they say that the signal of climate change is unambiguous. Of course there will be the usual skeptics but the evidence is hard to ignore. This type of heat in Northern Europe especially in the UK and Ireland is not usual. All one has to do is point to the recent spate of forest fires and the death toll that has come with it.

Scientists have long said that global warming is ramping up the number and intensity of heatwaves with events even worse than the current ones to happen every other year between now and 2040.

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Extreme Temperatures in Europe

There have been numerous articles over the summer about Climate change, and the effects human activity is having on our climate, all we have to do is open our newspapers and click online to find the most recent articles about the effects of human activity, from warming oceans in the Pacific, to Ice caps melting in the Artic at the fastest rate recorded. The waves of forest fires in Northern Europe and now in California, all of these climate related events are connected to increased temperatures, predominately caused by our own activity. It is hard to ignore all of these environmental activities without saying that somehow they are in fact connected. But there will always be those of us who will challenge this thinking.

Record temperatures recorded in Europe

Deaths caused by Heatwaves across Europe and the Globe

The increased temperatures being experienced in Europe is great for holidays and days at the beach at home. But it is putting our most vulnerable citizens at risk. In fact there have been hundreds of deaths as a result of the record high temperatures. So what does this mean for the future.

If current trends continue, then there will be more extreme heat, more wildfires, and more deaths due to heat exhaustion.

We must accelerate the shift from our reliance on fossil fuels to a low carbon energy future using low impact Renewable energy sources. Innovation is key to this shift. The cost of producing solar and wind powered electricity has collapsed, in most cases making the alternatives cheaper than the fossil fuels they are replacing. Sadly this shift away from Fossil fuels cannot happen quick enough, but it is never too late to get involved and make a difference.


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