Total security of your investment

CX Renewables is proud to announce that it has secured the services of the More Group, who will act as company trustee for our recently launched solar bond. Our Goal has always been to meet your Investment needs and achieve the best possible returns from Renewable Energy projects across Europe and we work hard to ensure total security of your investment. Watch the brief video below to learn more about the More Group.

What that means for anyone who is considering investing into our Solar bond:


The Bond will be secured against the underlying assets of the Company, including property, income and cash reserves by way of a floating debenture against the Company, this is a legal document which enables a charge to be taken over multiple assets which will be registered with Companies House.

THE SECURITY TRUSTEE For additional safeguarding, an independent Security Trustee (More Group Capital Services Limited) has been appointed to act as an independent controller on behalf of the Bondholders. If for whatever reason, payments are not made, the Security Trustee is able to take ownership of the assets and liquidate to realise value used to reimburse investor capital and interest.

THE SECURITY TRUSTEE’S ROLE The Security Trustee will monitor the asset values and Company borrowings to ensure that the total Company debt does not exceed the Company´s total net asset value at any time. The Security Trustee will ensure that invested funds are used solely for the purpose outlined within the Information Memorandum document.

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