Last Year was the Best Year for Solar Power Ever!!!

There is a global shift happening towards Renewable energy. The pace of this shift is quickening and in particular Solar energy seems to be leading the pack.

A new report by the UN highlights that 98 GW of Solar energy was installed across the world in 2017, this is the highest in history and the most of any other source of energy installed last year.

China was by no surprise the leading developer of Solar energy last year, installing over 50 GW of solar energy alone in 2017. This statistic took most observers by surprise, especially considering that China was coming from a lower base. This level of installation was achieved in part because of the advances in technology allowing for new Solar power installation in less than 3 months.

With this level of development happening in Solar now brings the Total Global Solar energy at 400 GW, increasing from 100 GW in 2012.

To top this off, the cost of Solar energy has plummeted due to the volume of installation and also the changes in the technology used and the continued Government support globally.

At the same time investments into Solar energy in 2017 grew by 25% compared with the previous year.

There are very obvious benefits with this accelerated shift towards Renewable energy and in particular Solar energy.

  • Increased local employment

  • Reduced carbon emissions

  • Growth in local economy

Under the Paris agreement, countries are expected to meet their commitments to keep the global temperature from rising more than 1.5degrees Celsius compared to pre industrial levels. These shared targets are due to be met by 2020, and there are some countries who are breaking renewable targets as a result of this shared target. Portugal for example has generated 103% of its energy needs through Renewable energy recently and in previous years Portugal has run for several months by using only Renewable energy sources.

To learn more about Renewable energy in Portugal and the development of Solar Power click on the Solar Guide below.



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