Wind and Solar has overtaken Nuclear Energy in the UK

More electricity in the UK was produced by Wind & Solar than Nuclear power for the first time ever according to the latest government figures.

Renewables share of electricity production in the UK shot up to 29%, while nuclear energy production stood still at 21%.

The latest figures now mean that low carbon energy sources like wind, solar and Nuclear account for nearly 50% of all electricity produced. This tells the story of the shift to a smart renewable energy led system is well underway and set to continue.

Combined with technological advances in recent years have led to a dramatic fall in the cost of renewable energy. Especially in Solar energy where costs have fallen by 80% in the past 10 years.

The Economic case for Coal and Gas is Over, as cost of Wind and Solar plummets.

The figures published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy shows that Renewable energy generation was up a fifth due to increased capacity through higher wind speeds for Wind energy, and Cheaper and faster installed commercial Solar installations.

With this trend in mind Greenhouse gas emissions fell by 3 per cent across the UK, thanks largely to a drop in the use of Coal as an energy source.

These trends will continue into the next decade as a new generation of offshore wind comes online and further technological advances in Solar PV means that in years to come the bulk of the energy created in the UK will come solely from Renewable sources.



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