July 10, 2018

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Is Climate change to blame for the recent Heatwave in Europe?

August 10, 2018

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7 Facts about Solar that might Surprise you!

December 4, 2017

After decades in the shade, solar power is now starting to really outshine every other form of energy source including fossil fuels. Solar is now cheaper than fossil fuels without subsidies. Solar and other forms of renewable energy are constantly in the news but there is still a lot that most people don’t know about solar energy.



1. Solar energy is the most abundant energy source on Earth

There is enough solar energy hitting the earth from the suns rays each hour to power the entire earths energy needs for an entire year. If we covered 25,000 sq miles with solar panels it would generate enough power to supply the United States for 1 year. That is the scale of the opportunity. There would be no need for Oil, Coal or gas.


2. Solar energy costs have fallen by 100% since 2000

The costs of solar energy installation keeps falling in large part due to the ris