Power Plant converts to Biomass

About Lynemouth Power

Lynemouth power station was a coal fired power station located in Northumberland. Lynemouth has operated as a coal fired station since 1972. The plant was originally supplying power for the local Alcan steel smelter plant.

The power station was bought in 2016 by EP UK Investments and the coal-fired plant is being converted into a bio

mass-fuelled power plant in order to reduce the CO2 emissions, and thus support the UK government’s climate change targets.

Upon completion of the conversion, the biomass power station is expected to produce approximately 2.3TWh of low-carbon electricity that will be sufficient for roughly 700,000 homes. It is expected to supply up to 390MW of electricity to the national grid.

The conversion of the power plant from Coal to Biomass is expected to be completed by early-2018.

Wood Pellet Supply

The Lynemouth biomass power plant is estimated to consume approximately 1.4 million tonne (Mt) of wooden pellets a year. The pellets will be imported primarily from the US and Canada and shipped to the UK by sea. They will be received at the new biomass import terminal built at the Port of Tyne, Newcastle, UK.

Demand is set to Double

European wood pellet demand is set to double in the next 10 years, and most of this is being driven by the conversion of Coal fired power plants over to co-fired and biomass firing. In the UK, where the demand for wood pellets is due to reach 15 million tonnes by the end of 2018 driven by the successful conversion of the Drax power station and Lynemouth means that demand will continue to rise as other power stations continue to convert to cleaner more sustainable fuels like wood pellets.


Sustainability is a big issue in this area and the UK Government have brought in legislation to ensure that only wood pellets that are sustainably sourced can be used in commercial power plants in the UK.

Lynemouth use sustainably-sourced, renewable wood pellets to fuel the Lynemouth Power Station. The wood pellets would are sourced primarily from the USA and Canada.

Lynemouth Power Ltd requires that all wood pellets burnt at Lynemouth would be sustainably sourced. Sustainably sourced wood pellets do not lead to land use change and do deliver greenhouse gas savings when used for electricity production in place of fossil fuels. Lynemouth Power Ltd is committed to ensuring both the environmental and social sustainability of the biomass that it uses.


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