What is the best investment for my pension?

Renewable Energy grew on average by 25% per year for the past 20 years. That is a performance that I am sure anyone would be happy with. With those levels of growth in mind, how likely is that level of performance to repeat itself in the next 20 years.

Well if you consider that today Renewable energy accounts for 14% of all energy sources in the UK. It is anticipated that this will rise to 50% by 2030. That would mean tripling the Renewable energy output in less than 15 years. Now you can start to see how realistic a continued growth rate of 25% per year for the next 20 years seems.

So what does that level of growth look like from a value perspective. Let’s take a £1,000 investment as an example. If you were to invest your £1,000 in a Renewable Energy project 20 years ago and that project performed in line with the Renewable Energy market with an average growth rate of 25% per year, then that £1,000 would be worth £70,000 today.

By any measure that is a fantastic result. Twenty years ago most people would not have considered a Renewable energy investment as most people did not know or foresee the potential of what renewable energy could deliver for the environment and for the investor. Besides, the technology present today was not that developed 20 years ago. Also, let’s consider the fact that in most cases Renewable energy was also not very well publicised twenty years ago as the public in general consumed fossil fuels for their energy needs and did not need to concern themselves with any other alternative energy source.

However, today’s world is much different, we are much better informed as to the damage that fossil fuels continues to impose on the planet, today one can see and appreciate the need for an alternative source of energy from Oil, Gas and coal.

What are those alternatives? You can learn more about the investment options available by clicking here and reading about the Top 5 Alternative Investments.

Renewable Energy is fast becoming the preferred source of energy for both domestic and commercial users. Renewable energy is seen as the future energy source for most developed industrial nations and also for developing economies across Africa and Asia. Renewable energy is sustainable and if we are to have a healthier environment for future generations then renewable energy is the future. Learn about the Tax Benefits.




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