July 10, 2018

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August 10, 2018

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What are Alternative investments?

July 7, 2017


Alternatives, as the name suggests is anything that is not mainstream. That is not to mean that they are someway inferior. When it comes to investing Alternatives simply means anything that is not on the stock market. To a lot of peoples surprise the property market is categorized as an Alternative investment!

Good heavens above, does that mean my investment properties are alternative investments? Yes, in fact anything that is not a stock, bond or cash is an alternative investment.


So let me give you some examples of alternatives:


Property, is an alternative asset class that has been around since, Forever! Forestry is another alternative asset class that is in vogue right now because of its long term hedge against inflation.

Then there are the other alternative asset classes like Gold, Silver, Diamonds, precious metals….you get the picture.

Coins, stamps, watches, Cars, now we are talking about high end watches like Rolex and classic cars like a Ferrari GTO….now who can really afford that, and stamps and coins just sou