Investing Wisely

What is the key to Investing wisely?

Traditionally, most people have favoured the traditional route to investing by buying stocks and fixed income bonds probably because their parents did the same and that's all they know. Or their bank manager made a recommendation and told you it was the best way to invest money. But in most cases when a broker or banker makes a recommendation they are more interested in their fee than in helping you achieve your financial goals......

Research and calculate returns


In the current financial market, many popular and mainstream investments are generating poor returns with much higher risk than before and potentially putting their financial future at risk. As a result it is important to carefully consider not to invest and consider all options available before committing. While you may believe that by sticking with old favourites you are making the right choice, but you could also be missing out on diversification benefits which can boost your long term returns.


Research has shown that a well diversified portfolio can reduce risk over the long term, In fact research has shown that during the most recent recession those who had a well diversified portfolio faired much better and were able to recover any losses more quickly and continue to grow their wealth.

To achieve this type of diversification an investor should invest in a variety of asset classes, especially ones that are less correlated to the stock market. One attractive asset class is Renewable Energy projects, this emerging asset class of Renewable energy has been giving strong returns for the past decade. On average the returns have been 25% per year for the past 20 years. The smart money tells us that we can expect to see even higher returns in the next 20 years as we see the shift happening from Fossil fuels over to Renewable Sustainable sources of energy.


The right combination is the key to investing wisely. Greater diversification is not the only thing that matters, Transparency, Security, Customer service and Superior returns combined with an easy to understand management structure allows you to invest with confidence and therefore giving you peace of mind that you have made the right choice for long term investment success.



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