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Biomass Energy

The UK Government is bound by an international agreement to generate 15% of its energy requirements from renewable energy sources by 2020. As part of the UK's committment to reach its renewable energy goals, Drax Power station in Selby has been converted to burn Biomass fuel instead of coal.

The six turbines at Drax power station supplies enough electricity to power 6 million homes.
In order to achieve this continued power supply through biomass Drax will require 7-8million tonnes of woodpellets per year. Canada is well positoned to meet this demand and CX Renewable energy will meet some of this demand from its plantations located in Eastern Canada.


With sustainable practices in mind, timber is a renewable and inexhaustible resource, as long
as it is managed through sustainable means. CX Renewables works with local contractors with the aim of becoming the leader in planting and managing Willow biomass plantations in Eastern Canada. We work to protect the environment and provide a renewable source of energy for the global wood pellet market.

Our Sites

We plant each of our sites with hybrid salix Willow. 
Willow will flourish on a wide range of soil types and environmental conditions. The sites
selected for our projects are located in Eastern Canada in the Provence of New Brunswick.
The soil types are ideal and the climate is temperate due to the influence of the gulf stream
along the eastern seaboard. There is a good supply of water and light to each site. Each of our
sites are managed in a sustainable manner ensuring as little disruption to the local ecosystem, by using well established low impact forestry techniques.

What we are offering:

With a minimum investment of £15,000, we offer an income of 9% from the sale of wood pellets from your plot under management by a team of experienced foresters. You will receive full title deeds to your plot and can benefit from the rising land values of between 6-12% per annum for the next 25 years. All returns are Tax efficient.

How to Proceed
- Download our Guide to Renewable energy
- Request an Investment Calculator to suit your investment level
- Review the investment information
- Request a call back from our team of dedicated consultants who can explain the investment process and answer any of your questions

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