Government Secured Tax FREE Asset Based Investments

An Excellent Tax FREE UK Investment Opportunity 
Profitable renewable energy projects that ensure your capital is protected whilst returning annual payments over a medium to long term period.

No Income Tax. No Capital Gains Tax.  
No Inheritance Tax.


Government Backed and fully Insured with asset backed securities in place.


Up to 11.5% income,  paid annually,  supported by long term contracts. 


Invest directly in Clean Energy in a fast growth sector.


Capital Secure via an Independent Security Trustee, the More Group, London.


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Guide to Renewable Energy

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Research document containing:

Learn About Renewable Energy

Investment Highlights

Security & Insurance

Why Invest in Biomass

Market Analysis & Prices

With a minimum investment
of £15,000 over a 5 year term, this would return £21,750 Tax Free to the Investor. Income Paid annually.

What will be my income?

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