Invest in renewable energy for a cleaner future.

You can earn up to 12% per year through our fixed income bond, income secured by Government contracts.

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Tax efficient - SIPP Approved - Low Risk - Regular Income - Government backed - Independent security trustee


CX Renewables is a privately held company focused on bringing Renewable Energy Projects to market, we manage each project from design to development, right through to grid connection and ultimately returning a profit to our investors.

Our main areas of development are Solar and Biomass. Having completed several international projects in Biomass, CX Renewables is now bringing to market a Solar Bond Investment.

Wood harvesting Canada
Solar panels Cyprus
Wind turbines Portugal
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​Renewable energy is enjoying record strong growth, with performance consistently exceeding expectations. 
Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources.

The main Renewable energy technologies are Solar power, Wind power, Hydro power, Biomass and bio-fuels.

The rapid spread of renewable energy is a bright spot in the global energy transition towards a low carbon economy. Despite lower fossil fuel prices, renewable power expanded at its fastest-ever rate in 2017 making renewable energy one of the best Investments for 2018.

Energy generated from Renewable sources in 2017 is expected to reach over 10% of Global energy needs. Growing at a rate of 25% per year for the past 20 years. Renewable energy is expected to account for over 50% of the global demand by 2030 at current growth rates.


Main Benefits of Renewable Energy Investment:

- Fixed annual returns

- Ethical & Environmentally sound Investment

- Portfolio diversification

- Excellent for Pension as income stream is predictable

- Full insurance coverage

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Wind turbines Portugal

CX Renewables has grown from a small solar energy project into an international multi-renewable energy project developer attracting international and domestic interest and building strong partnerships along the way.


CX Renewables offers clients a low risk opportunity to invest in Renewable energy projects which ensures your capital is protected and where you can earn an annual payment over a medium to long term period.


All of our projects are fully insured and your capital investment is fully protected. Renewable energy is one of the best Investments to consider for 2018.

Solar panels Cyprus
Wood harvesting Canada
Wind turbines Portugal
Earn up to 12% Annual Income.
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Tax Free Returns for 25 Years
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